Dropping Off

The teachers have many preparations to make before starting the day and then again between classes. For these reasons, we ask that the children not be brought to school more than five minutes before the session begins.

We ask that an adult bring your child right into the classroom before class time. In not doing so, the teachers will have no way of knowing that children have entered the building alone and therefore it poses a safety concern.


Picking Up

Seeing others leave makes children anxious, so we expect you to come for your child at the appointed time. If you are unexpectedly delayed, please call the school and let the teachers know why you have been delayed. This will help us explain to your child the reason why they have not yet been picked up and will set aside some fears for the child. Please note that late pick ups could result in additional fees and habitual late pick ups could result in terminaton of registration

Please use the gym door entrance (East Side) of the building when bringing and picking up the children unless given further instruction from your classroom teacher.