Withdrawal/Reduction of days of a child from program requires

  • 60-day written notice for any reason
  • The unused portion of any prepaid fees will be returned to the parent/guardian
  • Parent providing notice of withdrawal on or after February 1st shall pay the fees as required for March, April, May despite the actual withdrawal date

Extended sickness

No refunds will be given if a child is sick and absent for an extended period. As long as a child remains enrolled and securing a space, payment must be made for each month

Families that go on holidays 

To hold a space, parents must keep fees current at all times.  When the family plans go on holiday for any extended time

They will need to:

  • Either pay the appropriate monthly fees to hold their child’s spot, even though they will not attending
  • Or withdraw from the program and allow that space to be filled by another child from the waiting list.